Heart and brain go faster than tongueNestor Camino, NAEC Argentina

During all the online and in-person activities, English has been adopted as lingua franca, i.e. the only common language.
However, apart from the Malta representative, who was not there, English is not a mothertongue for all the other countries of the Mediterranean area.
The contries overlooking the Mediterranean sea, indeed, notwithstanding the relatively compact geographic area, have no common language. Rather, these languages come fromat least three different families: Altaic languages, such as Turkish; Afro-Asian languages, such as Arabic; Indo-European languages of different language groups.
In this way, everyone felt free to use his/her own imperfect English.
In some moments, each of us chose to express himself/herself with the language which make him/her feel more comfortable, sure that there would be someone there for a possible translation or support.
That is why, for example, that during video interviews, everyone expressed himself/herself, freely choosing their language.


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