STEAM-Med is a collective process coordinated by I-OAE aimed at creating educational paths in the Mediterranean area. Each educational path is constituted by teaching activities co-planned by the NAECs of the countries which joined the project.
The 2022 Edition was devoted to children aged 6-12 years.
We do not want to provide the teachers with a series of instructions they can use, but rather with tools which they can adapt for any specific activity in their own context, whether this be their country, their district, or the language they use in their classroom.
The idea to develop an educational path rather than individual activities comes from the awareness that, to have a profound impact, students’ learning process requires time and a series of different experiences.
From all this, of course, it is easy to conclude that the most important part of the project is the process itself, which can be replicated with a similar format for students of the same age group, or of a different age group.

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