The workshop was the final phase of the STEAM-Med process. It took place in person on the island of Lampedusa (Sicily, Italy fom July 3 to 9, 2022.
A total of 23 representatives from Croatia, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal, Syria, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey took part in the workshop. The representatives of countries such as Cyprus, Egypt, Palestine, and Tunisia, which had taken part in the preceding stages of the project, could not take part in the in-person event either for personal or professional reasons.
The in-person workshop had two main goals: strike up new bonds among the NAECs who had taken part in the preceding stages; realise a prototype of all online-revised activities and discuss them all together. Ample space has been given to informal moments of confrontation, discussion, and review of proposals.
In any case, this has also been an occasion for a few public outreach initiatives: a meeting with children, in the International library “Ibby”, in the heart of the village; a multicultural star-gazing night, when the stories linked to different constellations were told according to the traditions of different countries (Italy, Syria, Turkey, Morocco)
Lampedusa welcomed the NAEC group warmly, reserving them an evening with the traditional puppet theatre, as well as a guided tour of the island.

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