MIRTO project

The MIRTO (Mediterranean Informal Round Table Online) Project was created in a very simple way, since it was aimed at creating a network of knowledge among National Astronomy for Education Coordinators of this area in an informal, borderless environment.
In the countries which had still not expressed their NAECs, we turned to the NOCs (National Outreach Coordinators), inviting them to join this network. We also extended the invitation to our colleagues in Portugal.
We created a mailing list and organised six online roundtables (hence the name of the project): two hours during which four NAECs told their experiences or the characteristics of the schools of their own country. There followed free discussions.
MIRTO allowed us to know each other not only on an educational and social level but also on a personal level. This made it possible for us to define the project better.
In this first stage, we were joined by Albania, Cyprus, Croatia, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Morocco, Montenegro, Palestine, Portugal, Slovenia, Syria, Spain, and Turkey.

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